Welcome to HouseCalls for Dogs & Cats!

HouseCalls for Dogs & Cats is a traveling veterinary service providing progressive medical care to pets throughout parts of central Ohio in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. We strive to maintain a gentle, relaxed, and loving atmosphere throughout the vet visit. Our approach to medical care is individualized to each patient, owner, and situation. Our goal is to thoroughly discuss and explain complicated medical conditions in understandable terms, so that people can make the best possible decisions for their pets and families.

Unfortunatly, HouseCalls is not accepting new clients at this time.

HouseCalls service may be the best option … 
… for dogs and cats who are frightened or aggressive at the vet’s office. 
… for multi-pet households. 
… for large or elderly pets who can’t get in the car. 
… for people who don’t drive. 
… for those who want loving, progressive, convenient medical care for their pets.